Boscobel continues to clean up after tornado, overwhelmed by volunteer support

Boscobel continues to clean up after tornado, overwhelmed by volunteer support
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BOSCOBEL, Wis. (WMTV) – Saturday marks one week since an EF3 tornado ripped through Grant County, leaving devastation in its path.

Even with extensive damage to clear, volunteers and first responders tell NBC15 News they thought cleanup was going to last through the weekend, but they’re ahead of schedule.

“Every day there are new faces and also there are the same old faces you’ve seen all week long now,” Assist. Chief Doug Stowell, Boscobel Fire Dept. said. Stowell estimates more than 250 people from the community, across Wisconsin and out of state to help with tornado clean up this week. “This is something I thought would take weeks to get done,” Stowell said. “We’re kind of winding down at this point, the effort has been unbelievable.”

Stowell said six homes were destroyed, 20 other homes were damaged, and around 20 structures were also wrecked, including barns, buildings, and sheds.

Stowell also said if the tornado had touched down even a half mile sooner, the damage would’ve been even greater, touching down in the heart of town. “We had parts of trees being ripped away a block away from where our hospital is so if it had tracked a little more to the north, it would’ve been devastating to our town,” Stowell said.

No one was hurt during the tornado. As Boscobel continues to recover, Stowell is grateful for many things, especially the call to action from the community and beyond.

“I’ve been down here every day and it’s been the same thing every day and it’s been amazing,” Stowell said.

The recovery efforts are ahead of schedule, but some volunteer groups are coming back on Monday to finish up.

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