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CULLMAN, COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) – Recovery efforts are underway in Cullman County for the King family, after an EF-1 tornado hit Friday evening.

Sisters, Angel Johnson and Autumn King, say both of their parents and grandparents’ homes were heavily damaged.

“My dad had just got my grandma in and he was standing outside,” Johnson said. “He then saw the tornado turn and come back and it landed on our property,”

Autumn King says her grandparent’s home has been deemed not fit to live in. The trailer was knocked off the foundation and a power line went through the home.

“My grandpa was actually in the trailer when it happened; thankfully his room didn’t have a lot of damage,” King said.

Angel says her parent’s home also sits on the property and they were not at home at the time of the storm.

“There were trees all in the yard, everything had been blown over, tin blew off, the windows were busted out and there was a tree through the window,” Johnson said.

The King family is moving forward and say all of them making it out alive is what is keeping them together during this time.

“Thankfully they have a few more days at the hotel room so hopefully by then my Dad can have everything in order and they can at least be at my Dad’s house,” King said.

To help the King family out during their time of need call 256-385-0633.


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