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Hyderabad: A Video showing a tornado passing outside Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia is being shared on Facebook. Users claim tornado rumbled outside when Phillies baseball game was on.

In that video, we can see 16-second TikTok shows a large tornado rumbling just outside Citizens Bank Park, the home stadium of the Philadelphia Phillies, as hundreds of fans can be seen in the stands watching a game.

“Tornado at the Phillies game last night,” reads the caption

Fact Check:

NewsMeter found the claim is false.

We searched for various news articles regarding a tornado touching down in Philadelphia on July 2 by credible news organizations but found none. Instead, we found a fact check website `Check your fact’ which debunked the claim.

The website mentioned that the video seems to originate from TikTok user @gmoney1289, whose username is visible throughout the clip. The user identifies himself as Greg Pietrantonio on his TikTok account and regularly posts similar videos showing tornadoes, alien attacks, and meteors strikes, all of which appear to be created through digital editing.

“I can confirm this is not a real video,” Pietrantonio said in an email to Check Your Fact.

Phillies did play a game against the San Diego Padres on July 2. It was not interrupted by a tornado. Next, we checked the highlights from the game which showed no signs of extreme weather.

Further, we found that two tornados did touchdown nearby Delaware on July 1, the day before the game, according to the National Weather Service

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