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SMYRNA, Tenn. (WKRN) — The National Weather Service has confirmed an EF-1 tornado hit the Clarkston Drive neighborhood of Smyrna Thursday night, damaging nearly two dozen homes.

“It’s terrible you don’t really think it’ll ever happen to you, but take my word, it does,” resident Faye Adams told News 2.

Adams will be celebrating her 80th birthday next week. She’s lived in Smyrna all her life and moved to a home on Addie Drive 13 years ago. She said she’s never experienced a night like Thursday.

“Sounded like a bomb went off, and that was it, I thought my house was going to be blown away,” she described.

Around 8:30 pm she was sitting in her back den watching TV when she said she heard what sounded like a train.

“It got louder and louder. I grabbed my phone and run to the closet,” Adams recalled with tears in her eyes.

The tornado had ripped off the back side of Adams’ roof and thrown it onto the front of her house.

Faye Adams and her sister rest for a minute while cleaning up debris around the house.

One could see the path of the tornado looking through the backyards. It came through the neighborhood from the west, ripping up everything in its path.

Contractors with her insurance came out to pull Adams’ roof off her home. It is one of two the city condemned Friday morning.

“Once we get the roof structure and completely out of the way and we get the back secured and dried in, I think the city will remove the condemned sign and let them back in the house,” said John Mischke who runs the Emergency Services Division for Arcus Restoration.

Path of damage in backyards behind Addie Drive. Courtesy John Mischke

In his 10 years of responding to thousands of homes, Mischke said it was obvious this was more than straight-line winds.

“Basically there’s damage to every side of the house,” Mischke explained, “Straight-line winds typically only affect one side of the house. It really takes a rotation to get all sides of the house and so you’ve got damage on the left elevation over here but then also the air conditioning is ripped off the opposite side of the house.”

Ed Sellars has lived on Addie Drive for 16 years. He showed News 2 his neighbor’s shed thrown onto his shed in the backyard.

“My phone alarm went off and it was just a matter of 20 seconds before it came through. It was just really loud, not long at all. Very frightening,” Sellars told News 2.

A backyard shed flipped onto another shed

Adams will be staying with family until she can rebuild, but she assures News 2 she will rebuild.

“Thank you for your prayers,” she said she wanted to tell the community. “Don’t ever take anything for granted because it can happen.”

By Friday evening, piles of debris had already been cleaned up and set on the side of the road thanks to the organization Hope Force International based in Brentwood.

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