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DAYTON — Heavy rainfall in southern Webster County was the worst of the initial damage sustained Tuesday after a tornado watch and warning expired.

About 1.5 inches of rain and some small hail fell near Dayton, according to Webster County’s emergency management coordinator, Dylan Hagen. No damage from heavy winds or tornadoes was reported.

Dayton was left with street flooding and standing water in nearby fields. No street closures were reported.

Hagen said that no tornadoes made a landing in the county. Sirens were activated in Dayton, Harcourt and Lanyon after a warning was issued to southeastern Webster County for a tornado “with significant rotation” spotted on the radar, coming from Boone County.

A tornado watch for Webster County was in effect most of Tuesday afternoon, expiring at 8 p.m. The tornado warning issued for the southeastern part of the county was in effect from 2:25 to 3 p.m.

Tornado watches are issued for broader areas where conditions are favorable for the development of a tornado. Tornado watches are issued when a tornado is imminent or has been detected on radar.

Webster County residents can stay informed on the latest severe weather information by following Webster County EMA’s Facebook page, by signing up for phone call or text message alerts through Webster County Alerts on the county’s website at webstercountyia.org.

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