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Selling Sunset is the Netflix reality series fans have been waiting for more than a year for new episodes. Following the personal and professional lives of those at The Oppenheim Group, the cast of Selling Sunset often find themselves bickering, jabbing and having full-on rows with one another. And going by star Mary Fitzgerald who opened up to Express.co.uk, it’s going to get even tenser in the fourth series.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Selling Sunset.

Selling Sunset hasn’t been seen on screens since August 2020 when the third series was released.

Now, it’s time for the glamorous gang to make their comeback to Netflix.

Season four will be making its debut on the streaming service on Wednesday, November 24.

This latest series is going to be longer than its predecessors with 10 episodes on the way rather than eight.

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The pair have had a fluctuating friendship since the start of Selling Sunset.

Over the seasons, the colleagues have had various arguments but at the end of season three, it appeared they had set their differences aside.

However, Mary has now expressed that whatever relationship they did have can no longer be salvaged.

She said: “With the ups and downs of never knowing where I stand…

“It was mind games, it was confusing, I just didn’t understand and I don’t play those games so I decided to wash my hands [of the situation].”

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