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Ross County saw three tornadoes – two EF0 storms and one EF2.

SOUTH SALEM, Ohio — The National Weather Service confirmed multiple tornadoes touched down in parts of Ohio early Saturday morning.

Highland County was hit by an EF0 and an EF1.

An EF1 tornado also hit Pickaway County.

Ross County saw three tornadoes – two EF0 storms and one EF2.

Two of those, including the EF2 tornado with maximum winds of 115 MPH, struck near South Salem around 1:30 a.m.

“It took about 30 seconds maybe, and that was about it, it was done,” said Erica McNeal, as she stood in the rubble of what used to be her barn.

“The wind was just crazy…just powerful. It was like we didn’t even have time to get into our cellar,” she said. The tornado ruffled side panels on the house but completely decimated her barn.

“It was a gym, my husband’s gym. The stuff that’s left is definitely damaged, but I mean, better than our house I will say,” said McNeal.

With the help of extra hands, the work to clean the town up has already started.

“The whole community has come together. I would never have guessed that they would be able to clean up this much mess, in less than a day,” said Paul Minney, Director of the Ross County Emergency Management Agency.

He told 10TV he and other crews got to the town a little after the tornado hit. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

“This is so far the worst hit,” Minney said standing in an area near South Salem. 

“Some of them are just affected, and then some of them have major damage. We’re probably talking at least a week, to finish with all the cleanup,” said Minney.

The community won’t let what was taken in seconds, ruin their will to move forward.

“Right now, we’ll figure out this but everyone’s ok, so we don’t have that to worry about,” said McNeal.

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