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Fans who tuned into the season finale of The Mandalorian got several surprises by episode’s end, but one of the biggest (and most welcome) ones was the return of Mercedes Varnado’s Koska Reeves. The character debuted this season in Chapter 11, and ever since fans have wanted to see more of her in the universe. They got their wish in today’s season finale, but just appearing was not enough for the WWE superstar known as Sasha Banks, so what fans got instead was an epic battle between Reeves and the Star Wars legend Boba Fett, and fans lost their minds.

The fight happens thanks to a battle of words between Bo-Katan and Fett, as she points out he’s a clone and not a real Mandalorian. He says he never said he was, and after she says “I’ve heard your voice thousands of times”, Fett responds with a threat, saying “Mine might be the last one you hear.”

That doesn’t sit well with Reeves, who then swings at Fett, but he catches her and throws to the side, shattering a table in the process. He then shoots and catches her arm with his grapple, but she pulls him towards her, knees him in the mid-section, and then proceeds to jump off of a column and hit a Tornado DDT on Fett, slamming him through another table in the process.

Fett responds with his flamethrower and Reeves does the same, and while this is eventually broken up by Bo-Katan, the fight is fantastic, and you can see why fans were loving it in droves on social media.

We’ve collected some of the best responses to the moment starting on the next slide, and you can catch even more from Varnado in our full interview with her in the video above or right here, where we talk Sailor Moon, Star Wars, WWE, Batman, and more.

What did you think of the battle and Reeves’ return? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all things Mandalorian and WWE with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

Bacta Tank

Before the fight even begins fans were loving the back and forth between the two, especially the Bacta Tank threat.

“Mando spoilers 

Don’t mess with #KoskaReeves 
So, so proud of you!”



As you can see in the clip, this fight is awesome, and we would’ve watched an even longer battle between the two. Fans heartily agreed.

“So proud of you Red heart
You’re so badass “


A Whooping

It wasn’t just the battle that impressed, but the fact that Reeves at one point practically owned Boba Fett, smashing him through a table.

“You put a whooping on #BobaFett


Congrats and Damn!

Fans congratulated Varnado on a return to the show but also on that amazing sequence against an icon.

“Congrats Mercedes, I am so happy for you being in the best Star Wars episode since the OG trilogy.

Ps: Damn girl, you stood up to Boba F*******g Fett, now that’s badass”


Jet Pack DDT

This tweet sums it up pretty perfectly actually, and now I’m just jealous I didn’t write it!

“You gave Boba Fett a jet pack-assisted tornado DDT through a table.



A DDT For The Ages

That DDT through a table moment was epic, and fans couldn’t get enough.

“The spinning tornado DDT on Boba Fett…legendary…fantastic job @SashaBanksWWE on the season 2 finale of #TheMandalorian #KoskaReeves”


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