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(KTVE/KARD)– An EF-1 tornado hit Union Parish Tuesday night.

“Prayers are answered. I can assure you of that,” Ann Halley, a Union Parish resident, said.

Ann Halley and her husband were watching a movie at home when they realized the wind had picked up outside.

“And my husband said is that the wind? And I said yeah I think so, so he opened up the carport door and the wind was so bad he couldn’t close the door,” Halley said.

What they couldn’t see was the damage the storm was doing around their page.

“The tornado started across the road. It went to the edge of this yard,” Halley said. “It actually curved and went on the edge of our backyard.”

The storm tore down dozens of trees on their street.

“In a matter of a couple of minutes it was over with,” Halley said. “We didn’t have time to react.”

She said the power went out, so she headed next door make sure her family was okay.

“And they were all fine, so when I came back home, my headlights hit the damage in our yard and that was the first I knew about it,” Halley said.

A pine tree had toppled over just feet from their home.

“They said the edge of the tornado was right where the tree fell and we literally have no damage to our home,” Halley said. “Praying for protection around your house actually works, because our prayers were answered. I feel blessed actually. Lucky to be alive.”

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