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Charles Frechette showed NEWS CENTER Maine the damage on his property from Saturday’s tornado.

SEBAGO, Maine — On Saturday afternoon, Charles Frechette was outside trying to get one of his dogs in the house.

Then, “the trees started snapping off and breaking. Came right through the front yard and around the house and was gone in about 30 seconds,” he said.

Leaving damage on a good portion of his property. Including hundreds of trees down, a swing set that was thrown against the house, glass, and mulch in the hot tub and patio furniture flipped over and broken.

“The way things are left are pretty dangerous,” he said.

Frechette told NEWS CENTER Maine that the tornado went around the perimeter of his house, damaging things he had outside but with little damage to the home itself. He added driving down his road it may not look like there’s any damage, but he wants people to see the magnitude of what happened.

“Show people that this stuff can happen pretty quick. It all went down in about 30 seconds so I didn’t have much time to prepare for it,” he said.

Frechette was the only one home at the time, his wife and kids were out of the house. Now, he said he’s waiting for his insurance company to come to take a look at the damage, and hoping to show it to the National Weather Service as well.

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