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RESIDENTS in Ormiston had an extra spooky surprise on Saturday night after they shared images of what appeared to be a ‘tornado’ making its way across the village.

The rare weather phenomenon was also spotted in Dalkeith in Midlothian and came after Storm Aiden struck the UK on the same night.

The county was subject to very high winds and heavy rain earlier that day but, as skies cleared later in the evening, locals were shocked to see the strange sight in the sky.

Images appear to show a rapidly rotating column of air that is associated with a tornado.

Since the images first appeared on social media, residents have been debating whether they show a tornado or cloud funnel.

The Met Office describes funnel clouds as “extending, spinning fingers” of cloud that reach towards, but do not actually touch, the ground.

Another said that it might be a mixture of wind and moisture gathering.

Tornados are quite rare in the UK, with about 30-35 spotted across the country each year.

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