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‘Chocolate River’ of Debris-Filled Floodwater Flows Down Flagstaff Street

Heavy rain and debris flooded Flagstaff, Arizona, on July 13 as a monsoon storm hit and an “amorphous blob of water and sediment, rocks, and tree limbs” washed in from a nearby wildfire burn scar, the Arizona Daily Sun reported.The flow from the burn scar of 2019’s Museum Fire had been predicted by the National Weather Service (NWS), and a flash flood warning was issued for the area about an hour before the muck made its way into the city.Flagstaff resident Michele Kinney described the debris-filled floodwater as a “chocolate river” flowing down a street in her neighborhood.More thunderstorms were expected in northern Arizona throughout the week, the NWS said. Credit: Michele Kinney via Storyful

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