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JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (WJHL) — Video sent to News Channel 11 shows a funnel cloud and possible tornado Friday evening near Jonesborough.

The video was taken on Old Embreeville Road by Travis Herwaldt.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Reynolds discussed the video with the National Weather Service and both agreed there was a broad area of weak rotation close to where the video was shot, which resulted in this quick spin-up.

Reynolds says that because of the trees and houses in the video it is difficult to see if the cloud actually touched the ground, which would have made it a tornado.

Tornado – A violently rotating column of air touching the ground, usually attached to the base of a thunderstorm.

National Weather Service

There have been reports of damage to fences and trampolines in that area.

So what caused this wild weather? Reynolds said a strong system moved into the area during the afternoon and evening.

“We had a line of showers and a few thunderstorms move across Northeast Tennessee,” Reynolds said. “That line had a bit of a bow shape to it which let us know that there is the potential for strong damaging winds. There were also what we call a few kinks in that line which were responsible for the quick funnel cloud spin-up outside of Jonesborough. We had reports of wind damage in the Morristown area along with Chuckey, areas near Jonesborough and in Hampton.”

Severe storms also downed trees near Hampton, causing significant damage.

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